With an extensive network of local guides, 4 Corners sets up custom fishing trips throughout Costa Rica in some of the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet. Our buddy and Charleston native, Chuck, founded the company and invited us down for a week-long expedition. We packed our bags along with Free Fly Ambassadors, Alec Lucas and Sage Johnson—both fishing guides from the States, answering a call to check some species off their list, in an area not typically explored with a fly rod.

Part 1: Caribbean Tarpon

Led by the good folks at 4 Corners, Alec and Sage start out looking to jump some tarpon on the Caribbean coast, only after riding through croc-infested waters to get to a remote lodge in Barra Colorado. Watch as they prepare for their journey inland and look to get into a little trouble along the way.

Special thanks to Four Corners Costa Rica and Wood Valley Travel for making this happen!