At Free Fly, we pride ourselves on innovation. We strive to push the boundaries further and create the highest quality bamboo outdoor apparel. Core to our product development process is listening to you: the customer, and designing for your needs. Over the years, we've received countless requests for a single product that offers you ultimate full body comfort + protective UPF sun coverage. Whether you're mowing the grass on a hot summer southern day, casually sipping beers while sitting on your truck bed afterwork, or headed boogie boarding with the guys for the weekend — our goal has always been to provide you a product that looks good and performs even better. After years of researching and listening, countless hours of real time ambassador product testing, and late night after late night of revising, chin scratching, head aching, pencil erasing, and sketch tossing — the day has finally come to introduce our latest, proudest, and greatest product innovation in Free Fly company history: the new Bamboo Onesie.



Designed to take you from bed, to bike, to boat, to beach, to bar, and back (we could keep going) — the Bamboo Onesie is the single most premium clothing option that you'll ever need. Buy one and you'll soon donate everything in your closet to the local thrift shop. Scroll on to learn more about it's technical features and see the Bamboo Onesie in action.

Our product team designed the onesie with a long, lean athletic fit to support your active lifestyle full of fishing, boogie boarding, and tire swinging. Additionally, they expertly added a 4-way stretch for extra mobility. Not to be forgotten, the onesie is exclusively available in Heather Black for all of your covert fish stalking missions. Wait you may be thinking, "What happens when nature calls?" Never fear friends, we have you covered (literally), the onesie has a technical front zipper for quick on and off access. 

With the addition of the crossover hood construction, elastic thumb holes, and built in UPF 50 sun protection — say goodbye to sunburns and say hello to all day fun in the sun. Throughout our team's design process, function always remains at the top of our minds. Our team of Industry leading and innovating product designers added a super nifty left chest pocket for all your technical on-the-go stash needs that you have during the day like: gummy worms, tater tots, lottery tickets, sonic gift cards, Chucky Cheese tickets, and more. 

We believe that this might be the most technical sun protection clothing item on the market. It's taken years to claim this title and we're thrilled to be disrupters in this space. Sy, Men's Product Designer.

Let me tell you... I love my Free Fly Onesie. You can seriously do everything in it. I sometimes rake my yard in it. I cat nap in it while watching SEC football. I ride my cousin's dirt bike down to the gas station to get some big buck lotto tickets. I slay all the fish in it. You name it son, I do it all in this bad boy. It's all I wear now. Not to mention... the ladies at the corner store love it. Cole, Free Fly Ambassador. 

Into the Technology: 

  • UPF 50 sun protection for extremely active days spent digging holes in the yard or drinking natties on the neighbor's pontoon boat that's been sitting in their front yard for 3 years.
  • 4-way stretch mobility for Friday night's spent roller skating with your favorite young lady or Tuesday league nights bowling and eating pizza with the boys.
  • Long, lean athletic fit for afterwork garage benchpress sessions and Fourth of July holiday weekend's living life to the fullest while eating hot dogs and jet skiing around the lake. 
  • Left chest pocket for storing winning lottos, gummy worms, and tater tots.
  • Quick-drying for spontaneous boogie boarding and inner tubing missions.
  • Year-round performance: from spring break PCB trips with the guys to fall RV'ing mountain weekends with the fam. 
  • Elastic thumb holes for high-alpine sun coverage in the upper deck of your local minor league team's baseball stadium. 
  • Crossover hood construction to look cool as sh*t when you run the boat through the flats or walk down the grocery store aisle to get some milk. 
  • Available in Heather Black for extra stealth to steal beers from your neighbors campsite and catch all the fish. 
  • Front zipper for easy access, whenever and wherever nature calls. 

The new Bamboo Onesie is deigned to provide you year-round performance, especially on: April Fool's Day. Happy April Fool's Day from the Free Fly family.