Here at Free Fly, we’re all about making waves on and off the water. That’s been our M.O. since the beginning, and we’re sticking to it. When we started the company and to this day, our goal is inspire people to live better, more comfortable, and adventurous lives. 

This spring and summer, we've decided to create a club that brings together our community and allows us the opportunity to share their stories. People all over the country that are living the Free Fly way and making waves in their own lives and in their own unique ways. 

The club is essentially our core community of people that inspire us and make a positive impact in their own backyards. Members of the Wave Makers Club are part of a distinguished band of people who are dedicated to living the best and most adventurous life possible. People who care deeply about the outdoors and making the world a better place.

From volunteering on the weekends, to being the first person in their family to get a college degree, to competing in the most competitive fly fishing tournaments in the world, it's truly some really inspiring stuff that these people are doing. 

For example, get an early meet and greet with a few of the club members:

"I am currently on a grant to continue doing research on sharks and rays. I have the opportunity to educate the community on how to best love our shark friends and respect the coastal waters." Brianna

"Competing in the 3 major Tarpon on Fly tournaments in the world, in Islamorada, Florida." Baker

"Female guide, living in Charleston and Costa Rica sharing the stoke and giving back to others who aren’t able to either pay for fishing trips or surfboards/rides to beach." Lindsay

    We have an awesome roster of club members this year. Hailing from big metros to rural towns. Big and tall, old and young. So hang on and sit back — here is to the good times ahead and the stories to be told.