The Free Fly story begins and continues by challenging the norms of the outdoor performance apparel industry. We believe that our fabrics are as versatile as the people wearing them. With an ever increasing line of products and proprietary fabrics, we wanted to simplify our bamboo fiber clothing into core categories. We've designed each fabric category with a specific function and use case in mind. 

Our product team lives and breathes R&D. Between the product testing in the field and the countless hours spent in our design office they focus on creating the best products that will enhance your performance through a variety of environments and activities. Read on to learn more about our Free Fly fabrics and materials. 


Our Custom Bamboo Fabrics

Bamboo Breathe Series

Breathable and lightweight, our top selling Bamboo Breathe Series is a combination of bamboo fibers and quick drying material. Unlike other synthetic fabrics that are bathed in chemicals, the Bamboo Breathe Series achieves odor resistance and UV protection naturally though that use of our fibers. Product and field tested to the max by many of our ambassadors, this series has been the primary fabric pick for anglers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Staff picks: Men's Lightweight Hoody and the Women's Weekender Long Sleeve. Pictured: Marty wet wading in the Keys in his Blue Chill Drifter Tee. 

The Breathe Series Benefits:

  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Quick drying and naturally odor resistant
  • UPF sun protective
  • Ideal for fishing, paddling, and hiking
  • Fit Tip: Our Bamboo Breathe will shrink upon multiple washes. Recommend sizing up if you're between sizes.

    Bamboo Move Series

    The Bamboo Move Series is designed for year-round performance and is an excellent choice for a performance layer. Designed with touch of spandex, the Move Series provides a great range of motion for an active lifestyle. Our womens and mens bamboo clothing is made to move!

    Staff favorites include the Men's Flex Pocket Tee and the Women's Shade Hoody. Pictured: FF Ambassador Jamie tying up his skiff in the Men's Heather Marsh Flex Pocket Tee after a day of chasing tarpon on the fly. 

    The Move Series Benefits:

    • Lightweight and breathable
    • Quick drying
    • Performance driven and designed for mobility
    • Ideal for fishing, running, and working out 

    Bamboo Insulate Series

    Our Bamboo Insulate Series takes on the cold with natural insulating properties. These bamboo blends bring maximum butter soft comfort to your cooler weather adventures. Trust us, your skin will thank you. These women and mens fleece joggers are an all time favorite. Perfect for mountain adventures, mornings on the boat, and evenings spent around campfires or on rooftop bars.

    Staff picks include the Men's Polar Fleece Snap Pullover and the Women's Polar Fleece Hoody. Pictured: Johnny wears his Black Polar Fleece Snap Pullover on an early morning boat run up the Intracoastal Highway. 

    The Insulate Series Benefits:

    • Warmth and comfort for cold weather environments
    • Extremely soft
    • Ideal for work wear, travel, and layering

    Our Woven Fabrics

    Woven Breathe Series

    While not all contain bamboo fibers, these premium materials offer incredible comfort with enhanced performance benefits that include being fast drying and fresh smelling.

    You can find the Woven Breathe Series in top sellers that include the Men's Breeze Shorts and the Women's Breeze Pants. Pictured: A pair of Men's Heather Black Hybrid Shorts quick drying on a dock after a surf sesh. 

    The Woven Breathe Series Benefits:

    • Extremely comfortable
    • Breathable and lightweight
    • Quick drying 

    Woven Move Series

    Our Woven Move Series interlaces four-way stretch for increased freedom of movement. These year-around fabrics are built to keep you comfortable from sunup to sunset.

    Test it out in the Men's Hybrid Shorts. Pictured: Jamie dropping the anchor in his Cement Hybrid Shorts. 

    The Woven Move Series Benefits:

    • Quick drying
    • Designed for mobility 
    • Great all-around performance