Our team met at Toler's Cove near Sullivan's Island, at 6:00am. We were greeted by the morning sun rising over the marsh and by 4 of our friends, who are also local skiff boat captains, to head out on a Free Fly staff fishing trip. 

We quickly divided up, hopped into the Drake Boatworks skiffs, and zoomed out to the captain's favorite fishing spots, each located in various backwaters, creeks, and points around the Lowcountry's Intracoastal Waterway. 

The goal for our fishing trip? To spend some time out of the office together -- on the water, casting lines for redfish, and product testing our Free Fly Apparel pieces. 



Throughout the morning, we escaped heavy oncoming storms, followed dolphins through the flats, and explored mud and oyster flats where we caught (and released) enough redfish to make our arms sore for the next few days. 

Any pains of getting up at 5:15am quickly left people's minds as we begun to reel in fish, after fish, and watch the Lowcountry marsh come to life with all sorts of wildlife: crabs, herons, egrets, minks and on. 



While on the boats, co-founder, Tanner Sutton, upped the ante a little bit, by creating a contest to see which boat could catch the most amount of fish, the biggest fish, and of course take the funniest photo. 

And there is no doubt that one of the reasons we started Free Fly and have our headquarters in Charleston, SC, is because of morning's like these with great fishing access and a salt marsh backyard.

Meaghan Harper, Customer Service at Free Fly, said it best,

Our adventure encompassed the Free Fly Charleston vibe - camaraderie, a little competition, relaxation, and of course the salt water. Getting to reel in that fish was so satisfying and made getting up worth it.