If you're like us, you're always dreaming of your next trip to a magical land filled with sunshine, endless sets of waves, local fishing holes, and an endless supply of cheap cold local brews.

We caught-up with two of our ambassadors, Forrest and Scott, to hear about their favorite places to travel to and why these two places should be on the top of your next warm weather getaway list. 


The Bahamas:

Recommendation by: Forrest Powell 

Instagram: @forrest_powpow

Better Known as: Fly Fisherman, Dog Guy, Boat Dweller

Favorite Warm Weather Getaway Spot: The Bahamas, hands-down. Grab a cold Kalik beer and your fly rod along with your Free Fly apparel and you're ready for one great time. 

Travel Hacks/Tips: The average temperature is about 80˚ so the Lightweight Hoody is perfect for long days on the flat and all day exposure to the sun. 

Top 3 Favorite FF Items to Travel With: Lightweight Hoody, Lightweight Long Sleeve, and the Breeze Shorts.



Recommendation by: Scott Page

Instagram: @orijinmedia

Better Known as: Dog Lover, Skier, Creative

Favorite Warm Weather Getaway Spot: Patagonia, Argentina to escape the 'mud-season' in Jackson, WY. It's a perfect place to fly fish, read, and enjoy some of the world's best steaks and red wine. Stay at the Patagonia River Ranch or La Limay if you want to find your home away from home. 

Travel Hacks/Tips: Keep practicing your Spanish! Knowing another language makes traveling easier and more fun. 

Top 3 Favorite FF Items to Travel With: Lightweight HoodyBamboo Fleece Quarter Zip, and Hybrid Shorts.