Anglers, surfers, pit masters, outdoor enthusiasts, and a down right great group of friends and family, meet the Free Fly ambassadors. This crew embodies the adventurous spirit that we support here everyday. They are a critical part to our team and help with product development/feedback, content creation, and inspire us and others to live the Free Fly way.

Read on to learn learn more about our crew of ambassadors. 


Cole Anderson

Angler, Hunter, Photographer, Writer

South Carolina

Writer, photographer, outdoorsman and conservationist of all things wild. Cole was raised in the river’s and woods of rural Virginia pursuing fish and game. He's currently residing in the Lowcountry.   

Check out how Cole gets after it hunting and angling by following him on Instagram.


Harrison Beckwith

Captain, Guide, Angler, Photographer

North Carolina

Harrison is a full time fly fishing guide in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Born and Raised in Clemson, South Carolina. Based out of Cashiers, NC, he calls Brookings Anglers home base.

Follow Harrison's fishing adventures on Instagram.

Read our Q&A with Harrison and check out his recent trip report to Laguna Madre.


Christina Stoneburner Legutki

Conservationist, Angler, Endorphin Junkie


Christina's love for fishing started when she was a kid, and just further developed her into a raging, fanatical saltwater fly angler. For Christina, Fly fishing can be the most frustrating, chaotic, emotional sport, but the reward is so stellar, it occupies her head and consumes her to the point of obsession. Fortunately, she's marrying the man who put a fly rod in her hand, and happens to be an amazing fly fishing guide…he takes full responsibility for creating this monster.

Follow along on Christina's salt water fly fishing adventures on Instagram.


Jamie Connell

Captain, Guide, Angler, 


Jamie is a full time fly fishing and light tackle guide in Key West, Fl. He enjoys spending time on the water and putting clients on good fish.

Follow Jamie's light tackle and fly fishing charters in the lower Florida Keys.


Erin Courtney

Angler, Conservationist, Gardener


Erin is an avid fly angler and enjoys spending her days chasing big fish in shallow water when she's not growing orchids and loving her puppies! She's proud to support the restoration of Mosquito Lagoon and the rest of the Indian River Lagoon system, and loves brands who not only offer great products but also understand how important coastal resiliency is.  

Follow Erin on Instagram for some world-class Florida fly fishing moments. 


Johnny Crislip

Captain, Guide, Angler, Surfer

South Carolina

Johnny is a full time guide and captain based out of Charleston, SC. Everyday Johnny is out on the Lowcountry flats, fishing the marshes for redfish, sea trout, tarpon, and cobia. When he's not guiding, you can find him with his family, chasing east coast waves, and casting nets for shrimp.

Visiting Charleston? Click here to contact Johnny for a charter. 


Michael Letchworth

Pit Master, Angler, Storyteller

North Carolina

Michael is the co-owner and operator of Sam Jones BBQ in Greenville, NC. Each day is spent cooking meat over fire in its most traditional form. Many days are spent traveling the country sharing traditional eastern NC BBQ and enjoying the outdoor pursuits each city provides. Enjoying food and the outdoors with friends and family is his Free Fly way of life.

Follow Michael's restaurant at Sam Jones BBQ for mouthwatering instagrams.

Caroline Irwin

Angler, Teacher, Traveler

Caroline is married to her adventure partner and best friend (Captain John Irwin) in Charleston, South Carolina. They have two children, and she has found a career that she loves in medical device sales. When her and John aren’t working, they’re fly fishing and traveling as a family to places they can take our wading boots. Caroline also enjoys teaching other women how to cast a fly, cooking, music, and painting. Her parents raised her to know she can do anything without barriers - and she aspire to have my children know the same thing.


Paul King

Photographer, Angler, Adrenaline Junkie

South Carolina

Paul King is a chicken father, aficionado of fast shutter speeds and gasoline machines...and can usually be found listing junk on Craigslist. He's available for weddings and bar mitzvahs.... just kidding.

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Read our recent Q&A with Paul about what it takes to be successful in today's photo world.


Kent Seignious

Surfer, Entrepreneur, World Traveler

Costa Rica

Kent is from Charleston and currently live in Costa Rica, where she's adjusting easily to the slow pace of life and endless waves. She believes in simplicity as a means for wellness and sustainability. 


Caroline Sloan

Yoga Instructor, Outdoor Retailer, World Taveler


Carolina is a certified yoga instructor native to the southeast. With almost a decade of experience teaching on water and in studios, she's best known for my SUP Yoga classes on the Chattahoochee River.  When not teaching, her husband and her, John Sloan -- run specialty outdoor stores, High Country Outfitters. Carolina is fluent in Spanish, passionate about international travel, and loves sharing her love of plants and the outdoors with others.

Follow Caroline's shop: High Country Outfitters for an inside look into one of the best outdoor stores in the country.


John Sloan

Outdoor Enthusiast, Outdoor Retailer, World Traveler


John grew up in the outdoor industry. His father started High Country Outfitters in 1975, and he's worked there ever since he was big enough to push the vacuum around... His life in the outdoors began as a whitewater paddler, and has slowly evolved into climbing, mountain biking, surfing, and fly fishing. He honestly has too many hobbies, but he loves to learn and try new things! John is still always looking for the next piece to his adventure collection...  John left the outdoor industry for 5 years, and received a Finance Degree from Auburn University, then proceeded to move to Jackson Hole to be a snowboarder/climber bum for a year... He moved back to Atlanta, GA to work alongside his hero, mentor, and father, Bubba Sloan. Bubba taught John everything useful in life, so it was appropriate that John continued his education in business with Bubba's guidance. They work together on projects every day, and they learn something with every conversation they have.  When John is indoors, he finds time to run High Country, the company & community that gave him all these gifts. They have 5 locations and 60+ employees. When John's outside, he's always on an adventure with the love of his life, Caroline, and their dog, Berkeley.


Jenny Tates


Angler, Guide, Entrepreneur

Jenny is a New Englander with a love for the ocean. There's no place she'd rather be than on the water in search of everything and nothing at the same time, especially with a fly rod in hand. 

Read our recent Q&A with Jenny as she introduces her new business: FlyandFlow.


Seth Vernon

Conservationist, Captain, Angler

North Carolina

Capt. Seth Vernon has been guiding anglers towards their goals for over twenty years; from salmon and trophy trout in Alaska to tarpon in the heart of the Everglades. As a full time guide in coastal North Carolina with a broad range of experience Seth has spent years honing his skills and equipment to meet the challenges of stalking gamefish in a variety of habitats. Free Fly Apparel has been an integral piece of that equation.

“The performance and protection from the sun combined with the comfort of the fibers are unmatched in the outdoor apparel industry. My Free Fly products keep me on the water longer with greater comfort and style.” 

Book a trip with Seth at Double Haul Guide Service next time you're in beautiful Cape Fear Coast of NC.


Bre Williams

Angler, Thrill Seeker, Storyteller 


Bre is extremely fortunate to spend most of my time between central Florida and Charleston, South Carolina - both being beautiful, fly fishing destinations among other attractive attributes (like delicious food!).  She's probably best known for targeting redfish on fly in the company of two curious golden retrievers, Skip and Ann, and legendary South Carolina skiff builder, Wilds Drake. Generally Bre gauges how well her day was spent by how tired the dogs are, messiness of her hair and size of her smile.

Read our Q&A with Bre as she talks to us about the fly fishing industry. Follow Bre on Instagram for plenty of photos of redfish and golden retrievers.