If you’ve ever found yourself debating whether to grab a pair of board shorts or casual shorts for a day out exploring or kicking back with friends, we have one question. Have you heard of hybrid shorts? They've changed the game for thousands of active, outdoorsy folks, and they’re a great option for your wardrobe, too.

Read on as we take a closer look and explain the many benefits of hybrid shorts for your active lifestyle.

What Are Hybrid Shorts?

Hybrid shorts are a relatively new style combining the best elements of board shorts with casual shorts. For the former, this includes a comfortable, quick-dry stretch design to withstand moisture and unfettered movement. For the latter, this means a relaxed style that works in virtually any setting.

Hybrid shorts vs. board shorts

While board shorts may be comfortable, in many cases, they're quite obviously made for swimming. Unlike many board shorts featuring loud, patterned designs, hybrid shorts are more casual. They are designed for simplicity while disguising their comfort-focused features traditional lounge or board shorts can’t easily mask.

Hybrid vs. casual shorts

Hybrid shorts often integrate durable stretch materials like nylon and spandex to move with you—a major upgrade for active folks who are tired of feeling twisted, wedged, or cramped by old-school shorts.

With movement-ready shorts designed to stand up to water, dirt, and sun, you’ll stay comfortable throughout the day, whether you're manning the grill, taking a hike, or hitting the beach bar post-surf session.

Best Hybrid Shorts Features

Many of the best features of hybrid shorts are invisible to others but incredibly helpful to wearers. One example is moisture-wicking fabrics that breathe well to reduce sweating while drawing in sweat and water. They keep your skin dry and comfortable and help control unpleasant odors.

The best hybrid shorts also include UPF protection (up to 50 or more in some cases), which blocks a majority of UV radiation from reaching your skin. Unlike many board shorts (and even some walking shorts), hybrid shorts generally offer ample pocket space and pockets that can be securely zipped or buttoned to protect valuables while on the go. They're also exceptionally lightweight, perfect for stashing in a bag or packing in a carry-on. 

Durability is the name of the game with hybrid shorts—a well-made pair like our Men’s Latitude Short will remain a staple in your closet for many years to come.

Free Fly Men's Latitude Short in cement

Where To Wear Hybrid Shorts

That's one of the best parts of hybrid shorts—they can go just about anywhere you can! They're a perfect choice for a fishing trip, an afternoon at the beach, a trip to the store, or just hanging out at home. Other great spots for your hybrid shorts include:

  • Get-togethers with friends
  • Around the campfire
  • On a road trip
  • Yep, even in the pool

Hybrid Shorts: A Must-Have for Any Summer Wardrobe

At Free Fly, we believe you should never have to sacrifice comfort for performance or style. That’s why we designed our hybrid shorts to do everything and go everywhere the day takes you. Shop Free Fly hybrid shorts today to find the perfect pair for every way you work, play, and explore in the outdoors.