There's nothing worse than buying a new piece of clothing, wearing it once, and then finding it shrunk, stretched, or completely destroyed after the first run through the wash. Not only does this ruin your new favorite apparel, but it can also cost you quite a bit of money on replacements.

Luckily, most of us only have to shrink a favorite garment once to learn our lesson, which is probably why you’re here, asking the ever-important question: “Does clothing made from bamboo shrink when washed?

The short answer? Yes. 

The good news? Caring for it is just as effortless (and a bit more efficient) compared to your typical laundry routine.

Read on as we explore this vital issue and how you can avoid it.

Does Viscose From Bamboo Shrink?

Fabric made from bamboo offers so many advantages—buttery softness, unparalleled breathability, uncompromised comfort—the list goes on. But without proper care, viscose from bamboo can shrink. However, this is true of many fabrics, including cotton.

What causes clothing made from bamboo to shrink?

The main culprit that causes clothes made from bamboo to shrink is heat. This is true in both the washing and drying parts of the laundry cycle. Too much warmth, combined with the agitation of a typical washer or dryer can distort and damage the fabric, including by altering its moisture content. The end result is more tightly constricted strands of fabric and a smaller piece of clothing for you.

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How To Wash and Care for Clothing Made From Bamboo

Shrinkage is avoidable. Keep these straightforward steps in mind and your shirts, shorts, and other garments will stay looking great for the long term.

Turn it inside out

This simple step might be forgotten sometimes, but it can go a long way toward keeping your clothes looking good. By flipping it inside out, the unseen interior of your item faces the agitation of the wash cycle, keeping the sharp colors on the outside from fading. On a practical level, this also exposes the parts of your garment that directly touched your body to the water, helping you get a better clean.

Wash with similar items

Clothing made from bamboo should be washed with other similar items in terms of color, size, and care. This means no jeans, towels, sheets, or other bulky items, which can reduce softness. It's also good practice to wash similar colors together when possible.

Use gentle/delicate cycle with cold water

Bamboo viscose comes clean relatively easily and can also be irreparably stretched or harmed by overly aggressive agitation. Both of these factors mean you should only wash clothes made from bamboo on the gentle or delicate cycle of your washing machine and only with cold water. With typical detergent, this should be more than enough to clean them. As a side note, don't use fabric softener, which can sometimes discolor fabric made from bamboo.

Hang dry

Skip the dryer and go old-school with your clothes. Place them on a hanger or pin them to a clothesline and let another benefit of bamboo fabric shine through—its quick-drying power. Not only will it dry in no time, but it also avoids the heat of the dryer, another potential source of shrinkage.

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No Worries About Shrinkage With Proper Care

Does clothing made from bamboo shrink? The answer is yes, but owners can easily avoid this fate. By washing your apparel inside out with similar items on a cold water gentle cycle, followed by hang drying, you'll keep them looking and feeling great for years to come.